Friday, September 23, 2005

"This is life as we knowwwww ittttttttttt...."

I have that song on repeat right now...THANK YOU JACOB!!! :D

So today was a good day. Through the efforts of myself and another person, we got an extremely awkward situation sorted. And I had the PENGUIN!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

I stayed at school til about 5 PM, actually! It was pretty fun. I took a physics test, graded Spanish 1 quizzes for Mrs. Peacock (I drew a penguin on Matt Trilus's and wrote "G.B. The one-who-is-NOT-evil" bc he seems to think I'm evil...weirdo) and then Mrs. Peacock and I plotted EVIL SOMETHINGS!!! (I'm not allowed to tell evil whats...) But that was fun. I love Spanish teachers -- they're soooooo much fun!!

I think that's all I have to day today...

"Never perfect, but perfectly forgiven; finding courage to get up again..."


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