Wednesday, September 21, 2005

"And I'm good, good, good to gooooooooooo..."

Relient K today.

"And I'm good good good to goooooooo...
And I'm good good good to goooooooo...
Gotta get away,
Get away from all of my mistakes..."

And I made a pretty big one today. (Jacob, if you're reading this, I'M SORRY!!!! O_o I didn't think...)

"And I so hate consequences..."

Lol, Mr. H-less did a post on this the other day. They who hate correction are stupid, sayeth the Bible. So I suppose this is God's way to think about what you say first...

Could you please pray that I get this straightened out? THANK YOU!! (all 0 of you people who read it, lol...)

HAVE A NICE *insert applicable time span*!!!


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