Monday, September 19, 2005

"It's allllll abooouuuuuuut whooooooo you knoooooow..."

Petra again! "Who You Know" Yay!!

...well, it is...whether or not if you know Christ or not! Lol. But literally, that's what it is.

"Noooooothing we doooooooo herrrrrrre beeeeeeeeelooooooow willlll saaaaaaave ussssssss..."

Played in chapel my picture taken (LARA...) I had fun, actually. I got to talk to Jacob muchness more than usual. That was fun.

Ah, hmm...OH YEAH!! Mr. Trilus poked me in the NECK today. He was trying to get pastel on me, but he was like, "oops, used the wrong hand" :? Such an IDIOT. Lol j/k Matt's pretty cool. Only his last name should have two L's instead of one. Kachunk!! the ctrl+b thing doesn't do the < b> thing, it does some weird thing. Only w/o spaces.

Lol, that was random.

I have informed Paul that if he messes up mah hair, he gets to redo it. That sounds like a fun arrangement...he thinks that it would look REALLY WRONG (which it would, and that's one way to make sure he doesn't!! :D).

I had a good day today.


"you have frieeeeeeends in high plaaaaces..."


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