Saturday, September 24, 2005

I feel like posting a lot today...

So, my dad's at a golf tournament for school right now. Yeah.

I saw a pretty funny thing happen! We have gutter-type things on the sides of the street where I live, and they currently have water in them. So this little bug comes out of the grass and scuttles down into the gutter. As soon as he touches the water, he flees back into the grass!! It was sooooo funny!

And right now I'm kinda-sorta reading a Lord Peter Wimsey mystery, called Clouds of Witness. Only I can't reach it right now, and I'm too lazy to try. Meh.

Listening to Petra again...

I feel like posting a picture. It's one of me goofing around with the rose my mom got for Mothers' Day. I was doing the thing that the girl in Shrek does, y'know, with the rose in her teeth? (my word, it's taking forever to load...I suppose I'll just type another paragraph while I'm waiting...ooop, done.)

Have a nice weekend everyone!


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