Tuesday, September 20, 2005

"Howww willllll thiiiiiiis liiiiiiiiife ennnnnnnnd?"

MXPX today...

"How does the story end? Where does the time go?
How does the story end? All we really wanna know
Howwwwww willllll thiiiiis liiiiiife ennnnnnnd?"


I-Steps today.

I don't feel like being hyper today, so...yeah...

I got out of taking my Physics test tomorrow b/c of Isteps!! That's always fun!!!

And I hit Daniel on the head with a corn dog (it was in its wrapper SICK-OS!!!) today!! But only because he mentioned the DREADED MINERAL. And then he SACRELIGED my other corndog...that was RATHER ANNOYING.

...and now I'm hyper. Lovely!

I-steps again tomorrow!! Yuck!! And that means I don't have art...Hey, Maybe we'll get out late again today, and I'll get to miss Trig! That would be FUN!!!

...that's all...

"Can I get a new heaaaad? Cause the one I've got
Is worn out and so very brokkkken..."



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