Tuesday, May 30, 2006

School's out!!

Well, school's out. I'm happy about that.

I don't know what-all I'll be doing this summer -- I'm definitely going to Montana and to Cedarville engineering camp. I'm really looking forward to engineering camp.

I'm also looking for a job -- I need to get a new amp (currently looking on eBay, found a Line 6 Flextone III to watch/bid on -- hopefully I can get that for a huge bargain) and I'm going to go over to McGuire's Music today to mess around, see if I can maybe trade in my old one (Dean Markley K-15 9W -- no wonder I can't hear myself, lol).

I'm listening to "The Goatee Speaks!", which is Mr. Harmless's podcast. WHEE Mr. Harmless! That's fun.

Oh, and I had Emily, Daniel, Jacob, and the Pablo over for random Pride and Prejudice watching. Paul and Daniel got here early, so Mom shooed all of us out of the house to go take a walk. So I decided to show them the awesome house of castleness -- this really huge house in our neighborhood. I took them up there, and we looked at it, and we started to start down these random steps that led up to it -- and this lady comes out of the house and tells us (in this very British accent; that was kinda cool) that we're tresspassing. Which we weren't -- there was a little street that led up to it and had a couple of other houses on it, and there were no "NO TRESSPASSING" signs. So we got told to stay on the steps while she went and got a camera. That was kinda freaky. And then while we were watching the movie, we had a gumball fight and I broke a glass. Or maybe it was Jacob. SO we stopped fighting with gumballs. Yay.

The end.


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