Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Longest week of my life...

I was looking at my blog and I noticed that the last time I posted was on the 24th...I was like "Wait, what? I posted five days ago? I don't remember doing that..." Last week was totally the longest week of my life; it felt like a month in and of itself. We had play practice every single day -- Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday all seemed like two days in and of themselves, because of the play practice. On Monday, I think we went through the entire thing twice -- once for us and once for lighting. Tuesday, we went through the entire thing plus makeup and beards and costumes -- the beards kept falling off -- Joel's was off by the fifth scene or something, it was funny. Wednesday we got out of school to do it for the elementaries, which was fun. Thursday and Friday were performance days -- I have soo many pictures from those days. Saturday was too. Play was so much fun -- there is no way I'm missing out on it next year. No. Way.

In other random life, I'm getting my drivers' lisence tomorrow. Yay! And...yeah. Stuff. My life isn't that interesting right now. Fun, but not interesting. *shrug*

Have a nice day!!


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