Saturday, February 18, 2006


...yeah, I watched Invader Zim DVDs until like 2:30 last night. Or this morning, or whatever. And then I'm in the process of watching them again. So right now I'm thinking in Zim mode. It's annying. Meh.

So today, I froze my fingers off...well, it felt like I froze them off. It was soo freakin' cold today and we had a nerf war scheduled so...COLDNESS!!!!! It ABOUNDS!!! In DOOMY QUANTITIES!!! ....yeah. Jacob, Paul, Chris and I about froze. It was fun. We played capture the sock (we didn't have a flag, so we used a sock) and it was really really funny because our team (me, Trevor, and Daniel) had the playground side and their team (Sam, Brandon, Jacob, and Paul) had the soccer field. All we had to do was tell Daniel "Go get their sock" and he was like "Okay" so he sprinted off barefoot across the muddy field, dodged all of the other team, grabbed their sock, and sprinted back. Trever and I just watched and laughed. It was so funny.