Thursday, December 08, 2005

From at skool

Yes, I am in the very interesting location of "at skool", and I'm in a study hall that happens to be located at skool and also in a computer lab. Yay for computer labs.

Anywhoo...I got my PSAT/SOMEOTHERLETTERSHERE scores back, and I did pretty well (although not as well as Paul -- Emily Helmer and I agreed that he must have a little man sitting in his brain telling him all the answers because noone can actually be that smart)...I got got in the top 2 percent overall, even though I was in the top 1% for math and also for critical reading. And it's soo weird because in the writing skills section I missed all the ones that Paul missed (and also some more because of stupid mistakes...I made like three really really really really really really really really really stupid mistakes), which was really odd. Yes. It was. And yeah, I'm happy with how I did. Although I could have done quite a bit better. Meh.

Anyways, I have nothing better to do (which is why I'm doing this) so I shall...write about the past few days. Monday I don't really remember much about, except for that I went to worship practice and it was fun. And I geve one of my friends a bow hair for Christmas (he says that he's gonna give me a lump of coal -- he will hurt VERY BADLY if he does) and yeah, it was fun. Tuesday I got to talk to the dad of one of my friends and that was cool. Wednesday was a very bad day and I don't want to think about it stop saying words. Except for we did get to watch parts of ROTK during Physics YAY FUN. Thursday is today and it is being a good day so far. Although I have been hit on the head more than I like (Jacob hit me on the head with his PSAT/OTHERLETTERS and Paul hit me on the head with his hand and also his PSAT/OTHERLETTERS and J.P. hit me on the head with his hand and so did Emily [as in my LEETUL SEESTUR]).

Anyways. Have a nice day everyone!!

(that only took me about five minutes...meh.)


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