Sunday, November 20, 2005

Penguin Tales

Okeyday, so there were two very funny things that happened to my penguin last week.

First of all, I already told y'all that Jon Benson had stolen my penguin, no? He had tod me that he had burned it, and then Liz benson tried to tell me the same on Tuesday, he brought this bag of ASHES and gave it to me during before homeroom. It was soo funny because he handed me this bag...which had "PENGUIN" written on very nearly fooled me because Joel (Jon's brother) came up and said, "You wouldn't believe how hot we had to get the coals before it would burn!" which kinda scared me. But I eventually got it back, because Emily Helmer noticed it in Jon's bag. Do you know, that's actually the first real prank anyone's ever pulled on me...that is, the first one that actually required doing something...anyways.

Then on Wednesday (I think) my friend Tony took the Penguin from my locker for some random reason. Then he gave it to my friend Jacob, who put it in his locker. Then he tried to make me give him a dollar because Tony owed him money. It made for one of the more humorous arguments I've had in quite a while.


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