Monday, October 10, 2005


Yeah, I had soooo much fun Saturday night...I went to this youth group activity with one of my friends who I hadn't really talked to for a couple weeks and we had sooo much fun. (At least, I did...I don't know if he did or not, lol.) It was this corn maze and we got sooo lost...and then we did it again in the DARK...soo much fun. *nodnod* And there were baby animals. Yay for baby animals.

Mmmm...I wore my purple knee socks today...OOO!! And I got to play my ELECTRIC VIOLIN (yeah, you read that right, it's electric -- W00T!!) through Jacob's amp. It was hilarious, because Jacob and his dad were like doing all this weird stuff to the amp's effects stuff...and I was just kind of playing with this enormous grin....funfunfun. *bounce* Yeah, the entire praise team just kinda went electric. Lol. I ahd my electric violin, Jacob had his electric guitar, and Brady Garrison had his electric bass (not the fish). Soo fun. Only I couldn't hear myself most of the time...but who cares? It was fun anyways!!

I loove being cheerful all the time!! (or most of the time, anyways lol) It helps sooo much with like random life stuff. See, if I wasn't cheerful all the time, I sad sometimes...and being sad isn't fun. So be cheerful and you'll have more fun? Lol I became incoherent.

Shutting up now, lol...


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