Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I have been shamefully neglecting this blog and will probably continue to do so.

I am currently in Drivers' Ed. And the only thing good about it is that I have made a friend -- her name's Hannah. And the instructor-guy is Christian. It was humerous -- he mentioned God today during class, and the entire room like sat up straighter because they weren't expecting it. He's a cool man. Reminds me of my math teacher, sort of.

We've watched some pretty strange movies -- one today about this guy who drove drunk and got in a random wreck. The one yesterday was about this church deacon who got so mad while driving that he shot another guy with a crossbow and killed him. The rest of them were like cartooney stuff.

And I got the first C that I've gotten in a loooong time on my second drive. That was not cool. My dad is not going to be happy...I have to be like perfect or something. Like, all straight A's, no demerits, room perfectly neat, drive perfectly the first time I'm sitting behind the wheel, treat my parents with respect, do all the chores...perfect. And when I'm not..."Why didn't you get the math award this year?" "Put your face medicine on -- your face is breaking out again." "Take your pills." "Pick up your room -- it looks disgraceful." "I don't believe your breathing is messed up. You're lying." "Why aren't you friends with some of the girls?" "Be perfect. Come on, why aren't you perfect? Why aren't you the way we want you to be? You can do better than this!" Even when I'm trying as hard as I can, it's not enough. And I can't be perfect. I can't. I'm only human. And I don't know how to drive well.

I just had to get that out.



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