Saturday, October 29, 2005


I have decided some things:
1. My little sister can be a brat, but she can also be pretty cool.
2. My mom's classroom is AWESOME!!!
3. I want the part of the fiddler in this year's play.
4. I have a moderately large chance of becoming the fiddler, because only Joel and Abbie and I play a stringed instrument, and both of them are terrific actors -- I'm not.
5. I forgot what I was going to say.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Right now, I'm reading Red vs. Blue transcripts. Because I'm stingy and don't wanna have to pay ten bucks for something that will be confiscated anyways.

And they are really funny. (There IS some "language" though...)

Anyways. Life is good right now. Jocob and J.P. were being sooo weird today...they decided that they wanted to walk around me in circles. Which...made me dizzy. That was disturbing. But it was funny, because I decided to go lean against the wall and they were doing semicircles...

Teenage boys are WEIRD.

Monday, October 10, 2005


Yeah, I had soooo much fun Saturday night...I went to this youth group activity with one of my friends who I hadn't really talked to for a couple weeks and we had sooo much fun. (At least, I did...I don't know if he did or not, lol.) It was this corn maze and we got sooo lost...and then we did it again in the DARK...soo much fun. *nodnod* And there were baby animals. Yay for baby animals.

Mmmm...I wore my purple knee socks today...OOO!! And I got to play my ELECTRIC VIOLIN (yeah, you read that right, it's electric -- W00T!!) through Jacob's amp. It was hilarious, because Jacob and his dad were like doing all this weird stuff to the amp's effects stuff...and I was just kind of playing with this enormous grin....funfunfun. *bounce* Yeah, the entire praise team just kinda went electric. Lol. I ahd my electric violin, Jacob had his electric guitar, and Brady Garrison had his electric bass (not the fish). Soo fun. Only I couldn't hear myself most of the time...but who cares? It was fun anyways!!

I loove being cheerful all the time!! (or most of the time, anyways lol) It helps sooo much with like random life stuff. See, if I wasn't cheerful all the time, I sad sometimes...and being sad isn't fun. So be cheerful and you'll have more fun? Lol I became incoherent.

Shutting up now, lol...