Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Driver's Ed driving...

I've only got two more drives left in Driver's Ed!! One is gonna be pretty's on roads that I've been driving on a lot recently. The other one is on the INTERSTATE. The dreaded interstate of DOOM. Yes. Eek.

Other than that, nothing noteworthy has happened...

Oh wait...

MY CAMERA IS EVIL!!!! It's like older than me, and one has to hit the button like five or six times before it'll take. And then when the pictures are developed, they all have big red splotches on them. My two best ones -- ones that I was planning to use for FABA -- are all reddish. Grr. Not cool.

I don't think anything else happened recently.

Friday, August 05, 2005


One of my best friends, Claire Hockerman, was killed in a car crash.

For more information, google search Claire Hockerman. I don't feel up to typing it all right now.

Also, kudos to this guy for doing a blurb on Claire and her family (her brother Nathan, age 5, was also killed, but her other brother, Paul, and her parents, Greg and Sherry, survived).

If you are a Christian, please pray for this family.

Thank you.